Nocturnal Brewing Company

Breweries, breweries, everywhere breweries! If you're interested in visiting breweries or going "brewery hopping," this should definitely be on your list. My family visited Nocturnal Brewing Company recently, and it was a great place to hang out, eat some really good food, and enjoy a few beers.

I would describe the food as mostly Gastro Pub food, and everything we had was excellent. We started with the chips and queso, and I had to order a side of salsa. I have Celiac Disease, and I forgot to ask if the queso was gluten free. The salsa was so good that I didn't even mind that I couldn't eat the queso! Between my husband, my son, and his girlfriend, they finished all the queso and helped me finish the salsa, which had just a little kick to it.

If you look at the cover picture you'll see what I had for my main dish. It's the Mexican Street Corn Grits (w/white cheddar). Now I'm from the New Orleans area, and I've had my share of grits. These grits were splendid! I've never had any grits like that. They are on the appetizer part of the menu, but it was plenty for me to eat. My son had the Noc Cheesesteak. He said it was really tasty; it was loaded with plenty of meat and all the "fixins.' His girlfriend ordered the Blackened Fish Tacos, and this tiny girl ate every last bite. She said they were "perfect!" You really cannot get a better recommendation than that! My husband ate the chicken wings from the appetizer section. He said they were really good; he wasn't all that hungry (he was there for the beer). He did say that if he did have more of an appetite the wings wouldn't have been enough to fill him up.

On to the beer! Since I was the designated driver (everyone needs one!), I was perfectly happy with water and sweet teaCool The rest of the crew tried the many brews they offered, and there was quite a selection. Our waiter was quite knowledgeable about the beer (and the menu). Everyone described what they liked, and everyone was pleased with what he brought to them.

You can find Nocturnal Brewing Company in the quaint downtown area in Hayesville at 893 US 64 Business. 828.305.7337

Have a good time, and tell 'em we sent ya!


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