Professional Sports

Are you wondering how you are going to see your favorite professional sports team play now that you're moving to our area? I can provide some insight to your conundrum. North Carolina has most professional sports, however these teams are pretty far away from our little corner of the state. It would be quite the drive to get to these teams. Your best bet is probably to make the two-hour drive to Atlanta.

Let's talk baseball. Atlanta is home to the current World Series Champion Atlanta Braves. Now if the Braves are not your favorite team (gasp!) next year's rules will help you out. Among several new rules being put into place in 2023 is one that says that all teams will play every team in the league-American League AND National League. So you will be able to see YOUR favorite team at least once. If, that is, your favorite team isn't Atlanta (again, GASP!). There are no bad seats at Truist Park, and the atmosphere is electric!

If you're interested in the NFL, Atlanta is also home to the Atlanta Falcons. They don't play every team in the league, but every year they will change who they play outside their own conference. I know they play MY favorite team twice each year because they're in the same conference. They are mortal enemies, so my black and gold isn't very welcome around here Wink. Again, It's a two-hour drive, but over half of it is through our beautiful mountains.

Atlanta also has a MLS team: The Atlanta United FC. I don't watch MLS (I'm a Premier League gal), but I hear they're pretty good; I also hear their games are great fun to attend.

If you insist on going to an NBA game you can go see the Atlanta Hawks. I have no interest in professional basketball, so I don't pay much attention to it unless my oldest son's favorite team is doing well. I'm sure you can see your favorite team there if your favorite is not the Atlanta Hawks. 

As far as hockey goes Atlanta does not have a team. You would have to either make the 5-6 hour trip to Raleigh to see the Carolina Hurricanes or the almost 4--hour drive to Nashville to see the Nashville Predators. I'm sure you can see your favorite team at one of those arenas. I know the Philadelphia Flyers have played in Nashville.

If your interest lies in College sports, let's just say we are surrounded by college teams from which to choose. Just in our small town I've seen a lot of stickers on cars ranging from the Georgia Bulldogs to Alabama Crimson Tide to Auburn Tigers to Tennessee Volunteers-a lot of Florida Gators-and a few others in between.

I hope that helps you, somewhat. Let me end with: Go Braves, Who Dat, Roll Tide, Bring it to Broad, LCFC, Go Orange, and Geaux Tigers!!

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